Livery Services

7 Day Livery

* Monday to Sunday muck out

* Feed (given am and pm, this is locally sourced lightly mollassed garlic chaff and basic non heating mix, alfalfa pellets are given in the winter months if required, if you would like different feed or extra feed it can be given at an additional cost)

* Locally sourced hay fed according to weight/build (sorry we do not feed adlib hay but it can be given at an extra cost)

* Locally sourced straw (max 3 bales per week straw, any additional can be given for an additional cost)

* Monday to Sunday turn out and bring in during British Summer Time (BST) until the clocks change back late October with turnout reduced to Monday to Friday only (owners are permitted to turn out/bring in themselves during this time)

* Monday to Friday brush off, mane/tail brush and hoof polish (please note during the summer when the horses are purposely left out longer in the day to enjoy the sunshine, there may not be time carry out this service)

Straw bedding

Horse (15hh+) £140 pw

Pony £120 pw

Own bedding

Horse (15+) £132 per week

Pony £110 pw

5 Day Livery

* Monday to Friday muck out

* Feed/HayStraw as per 7 day livery

* Monday to Friday turn out and bring in

Straw bedding

Horse (15hh+) £130 pw

Pony £118 pw

Own bedding

Horse (15+) £122 per week

Pony £108 pw

GENERAL NOTES for both 7 DAY and 5 DAY Livery

* We are sorry but liveries are unable to provide their own hay and straw.

* We appreciate not all horses can be bedded down on straw or owner preferance may be for shavings or wood pellets.  Should you not require straw, alternative bedding must be purchased by yourself though a small discount shall be applied to the 7 day livery cost. 

* Liveries can provide their own feed however no discount is applied.


DIY Livery

** Sorry, currently we have no DIY vacancies **

As a DIY livery you get a stable, a tack peg/rack in the tack room and space in our feed barn to store a maximum of 3 feed bins.  

Included in your livery is either 1 turn out or bring in a day Monday to Friday and the daily putting in of your morning feed bucket (left prepared in a designated place).  All other DIY services for example making feeds, putting in hay, rug changing, daily finishing off are subject to an additional charge.

£50 per week

DIYs are required to poo pick each weekend, the yard manager will advise which field is to be done. A charge of £5 per horse per week is applied if a DIY does not complete this activity.

Additional services available to DIY liveries are further detailed below.

Other Services

Here are some of the additional Monday to Friday services that can be provided.  Items with an * denote available at weekends

Turnout/bring in £3 per direction

Clipping from £35 (we typically use outside fully insured clipping professionals)

Grooming from £10 *

Show prep including plaiting POA *

Lunging for 20 mins £15

Mane pull/trimming from £10 *

Bathing, subject to weather conditions, £25 

Muck out £10 *

Tack wipe down £8

Tack strip cleaned £20 

Schooling is priced individually using outside professional riders 

Making a haynet £1 *

Hanging a ready prepared haynet left in a designated place £1 *

Making a feed £1 *

Putting in a ready prepared feed left in a designated place (except AM feed which in included in DIY livery price) £1 *


Rug change, per time £1 *

Staff Attendance/Assistance £15 per hour pro-rata'd (min charge 15 min @ £3.75)

Trailer parking £15 a month

Small lorry parking £20 a month

Large lorry parking £25 a month

General Information

Grazing is in small groups, we DO NOT cater for individual turnout.

Mares and geldings are separated, we DO NOT offer turnout for stallions. 

Overnight grazing is permitted in warmer months with option for overnight horses to be out 24 hrs a day from Friday evening turnout until Monday morning bring in right up until the clocks change end of October.

In inclement weather turnout is prohibitted and additional hay given as appropriate.

We have limited storage space for a maximum of 10 bales of shavings or 30 bags of wood pellets if you prefer not to use straw. Sorry liveries cannot provide their own straw.

We have a no smoking policy on the yard however there are 2 designated areas smoking is permitted - if smoking is your thing, just ask us where you are allowed to smoke.

Repair cost of damage to yard equipment, buildings or fencing is not included in your livery and will be charge but we will ensure wherever possible these costs are kept to a minimum.

Dogs are permitted on the yard but please they are to be kept on leads.  Please make sure any dog poop is disposed of on the muck heap.

Children are permitted on the yard but they are to be supervised at all times and must stay within the confines of Cobham Manor Livery and not wander between yards. 

The yard is locked overnight and cameras are in place in various spots on the yard but their reach does not stretch as far as the lorry park.  Owners park ALL vehicles on the premises at their own risk. 

PLEASE NOTE prices above effective from 1st December 2017.

Riding/Schooling Information

Liveries have access to 3 outside riding arenas with exception to competition days where unfortunately we may not be able to guarantee an arena will be available - we will however keep you informed of competition start and finish times so you can plan your riding accordingly.  The indoor arena is used for riding school clients of Cobham Manor Riding Centre however when not in use liveries are welcome to use it - please check with the riding school managers for times when not in use by the riding school.   Poo left by your horse in the arena must be scooped up after you have ridden.

The round pen is available for lunging in.  No lunging is allowed in our large outdoor arena and we ask that liveries only lunge in the small outdoor arena when the round pen in unavailable or it is dark.  The round pen is not to be used on competition days and must not be used for general turnout.

Schooling jumps can be used at any time when you are riding, simply remember to put them back please after you have used them.  Please ask your yard manager for clarification as to what is and what is not a schooling jump.  Competition equipment is not to be used.