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Outdoor Arena (no set up)



You can hire either our 60m x 30m outdoor arena or our 40m x 20m outdoor arena.

During daylight hours the hire fee is £10 per horse per hour. 

This fee does not include arena boards/markers or jumps.

Outdoor Arena (with dressage boards)



The large arena (60m x 30m) is available for hire set up as 60m x 20m with dressage boards and dressage markers for £20 per horse per hour.   . 

UNLESS the hire is next day following a dressage competition when the hire fee is reduced to just £10 per horse per hour.

Outdoor Arena (with course of jumps)



Our 60m x 30m arena from time to set it set up with a full course of showjumps.  Typically this is either before or after a jumping competition.

Course hire: 

Weekdays 9am-3pm off peak @ £15 per horse per hour (£10 per horse per hour if 2 or more in same hour)

Weekdays 4pm-7pm peak @ £20 per horse per hour (£15 per horse per hour if 2 or more in same hour)

Thrifty Thursday £10 per horse per hour all day

Weekend rate is same as weekday off peak.

Basic schooling hire:

There are a number of schooling jumps that can be used at any time. Schooling hire is the same rate as weekday off peak. Hirers take out the obstacles that they want and put them away again in the same place when finished. Sorry our competition stock cannot be used unless out as part of full course hire.

Hiring Under Floodlight


During the winter months when you need to ride under floodlight there is an additional £5 per hour charge for electricity. 

Help Us To Keep the Arena Clean


We ask that all hirers diligently 'poo pick' after use using the pooper scoopers and skip buckets positioned outside each arena, thank you. 

Indoor Arena


For enquiries regarding booking the indoor arena, please contact Matthew Derham @ Cobham Manor Riding Centre on 07943 193150